Outpost Team


Outpost Communications was established in 2010* by award-winning copywriter and publication designer Mark Johnson to help bring first-rate marketing communications and PR services to entrepreneurs in under-served, smaller markets.    Over the years, we've evolved into a collaborative collective of  highly experienced designers and writers working from several international locations.


Although we have different specializations and backgrounds, Outposters share a passion for good creative and an understanding of island markets.  There's nothing we like better than to help entrepreneurs launch and grow local businesses.


If you need to establish or freshen your company's brand, develop new marketing materials or enhance your online presence, drop us a line and we'll assemble the resources to address your needs.


*Until 2014, Outpost Communications operated under the name Briland Design. 
Briland Design Limited is still the legal name of our company, a limited liability Bahamas corporation.
(What's a
"Briland" you may ask?  Say "Harbour Island" three times fast.)

*Outpost Communications is the trade name for Briland Design Limited, a limited liability company incorporated proudly in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  ©2010 to 2014 Briland Design Limited.  All rights reserved.